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Vampire Community Promos

Vampire Communities

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No Rest For The Wicked Awards is now open for Round 8!
Charmed Cole/Phoebe forever
angelus2hot wrote in vampirepromo
Hi everyone!

No Rest For The Wicked, a multifandom award site is now in Round 8. We accept nominations in a variety of fandoms. We also accept and encourage self-nominations. So don't be shy about nominating. All nominations are kept strictly confidential.

The fandoms we accept are Angel, Buffy, Firefly/Serenity, Star Trek(all), Stargate(all), Supernatural, Dr.Who, Torchwood, and X-Files

For this round MUSIC VIDEOS are accepted

We also have a guest fandom this round. It is none other than THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.

Please come by check out the site and nominate your favorites.

No Rest For The Wicked Awards

Nominate here

Sept. 1st is the last day of nominations, So hurry and nominate today! :D